Does pfSense has package similar to GoodbyeDPI? Details inside

  • So, my ISP is blocking Netflix and ton of other sites because they have their own service. I just realized that I can unblock it using this software called GoodbyeDPI, it works pretty well for me but the problem is this is Windows only, I was just wondering if something like this exist in pfSense so I can set it up on router level?

    Note: Last time I asked this kind of question, most responses I got are people telling me to change ISP, it is not an option because it's the only choice in where I live. They have no real competition and Net neutrality isn't a thing here.

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    Where are you that they block Netflix - you mean they block you from using netflix outside your country/region?

  • No, they block the whole site, meaning that you won't be able to access at all.

    They did it because they have their own streaming service similar to Netflix.

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    No, there is nothing like that. Interesting though.

    I'd suggest getting a new ISP but I suspect you have no choice. 😉


  • Why don't you just run a VPN to wherever it makes sense to you?

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    Where are you? And they block resolving or they block access to the IPs?

  • @johnpoz I have limited networking knowledge, but I believe they are hijacking the DNS port 53. So even though let's say you set your DNS to, it will still go through their DNS and blocked site will get redirected to their site. This can be solved by using

    1. DNSCrypt
    2. DNS over TLS (currently this is what I use)
    3. Use DNS that support non 53 port, for example OpenDNS support port 5353 (surprisingly they are stupid enough to ignore this port).

    My main issue is that aside from hijacking DNS, they also throttle down Netflix (and this is Netflix only, other site are fine), so even though I can access Netflix after I did the step above, the speed is still too slow it's unwatchable.

    GoodbyeDPI solved this issue, but it's Windows only. The other method is using VPN, but for me it has many downsides such as:

    1. High latency, I play video games sometimes so this is a big no-no.
    2. VPN always destroy my speed I don't know why, I've tried PIA, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc.
    3. Netflix is banning VPN so it's like playing hide and seek with VPN provider like yesterday it worked, then Netlix ban their IP and now it doesn't, and then they get a new set of IP and it works again and it goes on and on.

    That being said, my pfSense actually run under Hyper-V on my Windows 10 Pro workstation, so I was thinking what if I setup a VPN server on my Win10 machine and direct all traffic (or maybe Netflix only, but I'm still not sure how to do that) from pfSense to it then it might work. What do you think?

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    And yet again going to ask Where are you on the planet??? What country? What ISP is this that blocks netflix because they have their own streaming service?

  • @johnpoz Indonesia, not sure how it is relevant lol.

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    Because can look into what sort of restrictions and blocking they do there - that is why its relevant vs relying on what someone that states they have limited networking knowledge.

  • @johnpoz so what do you think? Will it work?

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    @warheat1990 said in Does pfSense has package similar to GoodbyeDPI? Details inside:


    When netflix moved into indonesia back in in 2016 they were told they don't have permit and show stuff the government doesn't want shown "hey also display violence and adult content"..

    Have to do some research on how they are blocking - but to be honest this is not a how do I circumvent my governments filtering board.. This is a board to support use cases of pfsense. I personally have no desire in helping you circumvent your governments restrictions. My advice would be to change your governments stupid restrictions... Oh my gawd there is violence?? We can not let our people watch this - show them another rerun of herbie the love bug..

    Its beyond moronic.. Do they filter their own news for violence? Wasnt there some sword attack recently with 4 people shot dead by police?

  • @johnpoz see, this is exactly why I prefer not to give any information that doesn't have any relevancy. This is still a valid question regardless if the blocking is done by company/country/government. But thanks anyway.

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    Hmm, it's interesting that works at all. I could only see this possible if you were to proxy all your traffic through pfSense.

    However if you're doing that then you could use some other machine as the proxy. There is a Linux variant of that project so maybe that would be relatively easy to implement.

    It's not possbile to do this in pfSense currently and implementing something to do it is non-trivial.


  • @warheat1990 said in Does pfSense has package similar to GoodbyeDPI? Details inside:

    my pfSense actually run under Hyper-V on my Windows 10 Pro workstation

    Is that the same PC you work (?) and want to play on or a different box?

  • @jahonix different box, this is 24/7 low power workstation where I run pfSense along with bunch of other program.

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