pfBlockerNG DNSBL: Override Host lists with custom domain whitelist

  • So I am blocking lots of domain lookups with pfBlockerNG DNSBL, it works really well so far.

    The only issue I am facing atm is that I would like to enable lookups for "", which is blocked by a list pfSense fetches automatically. I put it in my custom domain whitelist, however it seems the custom whitelist does not override the blocking list for all ad services. You may be wondering why I want to do this; well if you google for something and you get some sites which are listed as an ad and you would like to have a look at them, getting a block for that site is just annoying. Of course you can visit the site directly, but if you want to visit sites listed as an ad, you get routed through Google ad services.

    I guess I could write scripts to fetch the list, clean it and make it available for pfsense on a web server I own, but that's just a lot of hassle.

    Anybody have a suggestion on how to solve this?