Email stopped working

  • Email stopped working..when I do a packet tracer it show tcp 0 for the connection...I can ping the IP From another network entirely and connect via telnet (home) but not from the office...nothing has change...any ideas?

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    ISP implemented a block on port 25?

    Your question is a little thin on details. "Email" could mean SMTP, SMTP Submit, IMAP, POP3, OWA.

    What are you really trying to do?

  • Sorry ports are 995 incoming and 465 outgoing. It is possible ISP blocked it. I can’t figure out what’s wrong

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    So you run a mail server and people connect 995 (POP3S) inbound and the mail server connects port 465 outbound?

    Use Diagnostics > Test Port and see if the firewall can connect to the outbound mail server on port 465.

    I highly doubt they would block 995 inbound. Is that also not working?

  • No we do t run a server. Our mail is hosted externally on those ports and they stopped working from the office yesterday. It works from home though

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    What did test port show?

    Look in the firewall logs to see if it is being blocked locally.

    Packet capture for the traffic on WAN, then test the port. If you see the SYN leaving but no reply, it is being blocked upstream somewhere. If you don't see the SYN leaving it is something local.

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