• Hello,

    Ive tried to set my sons "ip range" as a singular alias, or individual aliases.. He has about 10 devices so a range that covers all his devices is preferable..

    Anyways.. Ive set it (either way) and after a few weeks they disappear, and only the last ip address of his ip range is left.

    Its happened for a long time, seriously.. 2 years. Multiple versions of pfsense tried, fresh installs.. everything.. Something is wiping them out..

    Anyone have any ideas? Or know where I can look to figure this out?


  • Oh yea, and there are no log entries... the alias change doesnt register.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You are going to have to post the alias configuration. Aliases don't just disappear.

  • Does your son have access to your Pfsense box? Dumb question I know :D