pfsense - kamailio - firewall rules to enable SIP & RTP WAN to LAN & LAN to WAN

  • Dear All,

    I am fiuguring out of an issue that I am not able to resolve myself.
    I hope the community could help me for that even I googled and found some articles explaining how to enable SIP & RTP rules for the pfsense firewall.

    Here my setup is :


    • Private network
      When calling my two codec from private network. No issue, everything are well.

    • Public network
      The codec from public & private network are connected to Kamailio

    When I am trying to enable a SIP connection with one of my two codec (public ip address) with one codec from the private network, I can enable SIP but no audio.

    If anybody could show me the good way to fi my issue will be great ;-)

    • siproxd

    I have seen there is a package for sip proxy but not clear if this is what I need.

    • Conclusion

    I don't need asterisk SIP server or other in my private network, I need just to have kamailio as proxy to interconnect private and public audio codecs together.

    Thanks in advance if anybody had the same experience of me.

    Best Regards,