Does pfsense support Atheros AR5213 802.11a-b-g MiniPCI card?

  • Hardware Compatibility List says pfsense support all Atheros cardbus and PCI, but does pfsense support Atheros AR5213 802.11a-b-g MiniPCI card?

  • PCI and MiniPCI is the same in this regard, if you don't have a MiniPCI slot, then you need a converter. There are issues with converters that has 2/4/8 MiniPCI slots, so be sure to use a single slot converter if you need to use one.

  • The card itself should work with 1.2.3 I suspect, if not 1.2.2.

  • I decided to buy Atheros AR5213 in order to test that in V1.2.2, it works, nice!  Atheros is really really good, better than my Realtek and Intersil mini PCI wireless card and Ranlink USB Wireless card.  Atheros is stable, it works for 11g 54M mode, Ranlink USB Wireless card only works in 11b 11M, it doesn't work in 11g 54M, it will disconnect and re-connect….., Atheros is excellent. :)

    Thanks for great support. ;D

  • I have these two:

    Atheros AR5414 - R52H 802.11a/b/g High Power minipci and the pci to minipci adapter work flawlessly with pfsense 1.2.2.

    The high power really (350mw) does make a difference, before I was using netgear WG511t, also atheros.