Another guy with build issues

  • Ok so i've thrashed my way through a couple routers in the last year so i say to hell with it and buy a Dell optiplex 7050 with a i7-6700 3ghz 8GB RAM and i throw a 120GB Samsung SSD in for good measure. Also bought an intel four port nic and a single port nic( figured four port lan and i would build in dual WAN just to be fancy).

    Fastford to actual build...

    Created USB installer(with VGA) with the current supported build.

    computer wont boot not to bios nothing its bricked, ok so i troubleshoot and take out the nic's

    boom she posts and the installer starts runs for *20min. i accept the settings as they are and opt for the quick setup it runs its course. then says complete remove installation media to boot from drive.

    Cant find bootable drive!

    ok i check the bios and make the ssd the first on the list, remove secureboot, enable legacy. same thing happens.

    retry the install happens again!

    Im lost please help! im like $800 into this overbuild and im going crazy!!!
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