Possible Bug using VPN's DHCP or PPPOE in WAN Interface

  • i googled report an issue possible bug the redmine website doesnt work couldnt post issue
    but my issue i posted several spots no one can answer
    here is my one link has a video of the issue etc

    issue is
    i wanna use NordVPN and also use OpenVPN Remote Access (to access my network) setup on PFsense

    the bug.. like NordVPN says its a Pfsense issue is

    when i set
    WAN Interface (DHCP) ------>>> NORDVPN (works) ------>>> OpenVPN Remote Access (Doesnt)

    WAN Interface (PPPOE) ----->>> NORDVPN(doesn work) ----->>> OpenVPN Remote Access (Works)

    so really it shouldnt matter if i set WAN to DHCP or PPPOE they should both allowe VPN Nord to work so i have a secure network.. and allow me to remote access my network via laptop remote location with the OpenVPN Remote Access setup

    now is this a bug or is it simply a check mark offa box.. no one has any answers had someone try to help but ended up with no resolution..
    so from googling report a bug they said post in the Development area
    here is the video how 1 way works other way doesnt
    Youtube Video

    but it doesnt show you the OpenVpn -REmote Access as i didnt incorporate it just the NordVPN works 1 way not the other

    so i have no idea if its a bug if its just a simple Rule NAT or a simply Check off this check box

    and this is the link to setup NordVPN on Pfsense that i used

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    How many threads are you planning on starting?

  • Pardon.. its a different topic..
    this is a faulty Bug in pfsense.. so Google says post in the Development to let them know there is a bug in the software

    because no one can solve the issue from the other forum.. that means its a bug in the software and i requesting help from the development team to resolve issue to get this problem fixed

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    @comet424 said in Possible Bug using VPN's DHCP or PPPOE in WAN Interface:

    this is a faulty Bug in pfsense

    There is no bug in pfSense, you just need to get a decent DSL modem, or fix the configuration of the DSL router you got from your provider.

  • well im picking up a friends bell modem today
    as i just dont understand
    NordVPN works fine in Wan DHCP mode on Pfsense side
    but OpenVPN Server doesnt for remote Access but works fine if i set Wan to PPOe

    what i really dont understand .. whats the difference.. WAN is a Wan doesnt matter if its or if its like say both point to the internet

    nothing you can fix on this bell router.. and its the only brand they offer they will not exchange it

    so im stuck... and bell will not support any forum of router tech you mention that the computer isnt directly to your computer via wifi or the cable, they tell you sorry and close chat support
    but hopefully my friends modem will fix this issue nearly 2 weeks fiddling and no farther ahead..
    frustrates me OpnVpn server works fine in PPPOE but not DHCP mode and vise versa for NordVPn and they blame it on pfsense....
    i just frustrated

    and the one guy is getting mad at me in the other forum and i dont mean he doesnt understand nearly 2 weeks and its frustrating you spend hours flip this check that wait for tech support etc.. and you getting no where... you ask for help and you post videos of evidence its not working right and no one wants to watch it.. i just frustrated..
    guess thats why people guess get asus routers no issues lol...

    lets hope this modem i gonna borrow works.. as i dont know if any one else makes modems that work with bell

  • do you happen to know of other DSL modems that would work with Bell..
    as bell wont issue me a new modem they say this is the only brand they offer now too..
    so thats also frustrating

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    @comet424 said in Possible Bug using VPN's DHCP or PPPOE in WAN Interface:

    what i really dont understand .. whats the difference.. WAN is a Wan doesnt matter if its or if its like say both point to the internet

    That's one of your problems, you don't even understand the basics of networking. There is a major difference between a private and a public IP address. But instead of educating yourself you open multiple post and scream "bug", that's a sure way of getting ignored around here.

  • i wouldnt know.. why cant pfsense know if the WAN connection is a private or public IP... so much for just simple
    Asus router.. you set it for DHCP or PPPOE no problems it does it for you you dont need to know anything

    i know basics 192.168.x.x is private network.. 174.x.x.x is public
    NordVpn said its a issue with Pfsense
    i posted in the forums and no one could answer the question.. one guy wouldnt even look at the video to see my problem he didnt try to help if he watched it then he would see what problem i having.. just get bashed more for even trying..

    its like taking your car to a mechanic you tell him what your issue is you video tape your issue but he cant be bothered to look at it and say your wrong you dont know what your talking about your not having a problem

    i didnt scream bug i asked a question there is no screaming i never wrote caps
    i wasnt the person that said i i not going to watch your video to see what problem im having from other guy..

    and you say the difference from Public and Private.. shouldnt pfsense know what a Private IP and Public IP on the Wan connection and route it properly by just choosing your options PPP PPPOE STATIC DHCP etc

    as i figured once you set your WAN interface thats your internet.. and when you set your lan or the OpenVPN Server to connect to the WAN interface

    its like WAN interface is like an interperter you speak english to the interpertor and the WAN connection automaiclly interpertes like french it to the internet accordling

    but im guessing this stuff is more complex then just choosing

    guess ill do more research since there are no discussions on to set WAN interface for OpenVPN not to use PPPOE

    as i dont understand why i get blasted for using PPPOE what is wrong with using pfsense to log in PPPOE its like a death using it.. but its option when you setup pfsense from a factory reset or new install.. choose dhcp or pppoe etc
    and OpenVPN server remote access works fine in PPPOE but doesnt in dhcp mode
    and NordVPN cant use PPPOE as it ruins there connection they say guess they need a private ip address not your public ip address..

    but i didnt cause problems like i said guy from start was disrespecting me not even bothering to read i stated i had 2 problems didnt wanna look at a video to see what problems i dealing with.. all i got was basiclly bashing..
    i ask for serious help and i get bashed that i idiot for using PPPOE
    we simple home user people arent using this pfsense software day in day out like you networking people..

    but thanks for the reply.. since i apparently screaming i not going to get help from the other forum.. and like i said i never screammed nothing i get blasted by the other guy... where is the help to novice home users

    i just gonna keep my mouth shut in the other forms not reply i dont wanan cause problems i didnt ask to get in trouble didnt mean to sound screaming i just wanted to be respected and i didnt get respect right from the get go

    thanks for your replies.. i wont distrub you either.. sorry i caused so much problems

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