Gateway Group Rule not working

  • I set up a firewall rule on my LAN to forward traffic from a specific computer (IP: to a gateway group. Initially, it worked fine, but now for some reason, it doesn't. The only change I made was to add a 4G modem on the 2nd WAN, instead of it pointing to a hotspot on a mobile device.

    I can ping all the way out of both WAN connections. The only way it works (right now) is if I set the 2nd WAN as the default gateway, but then all traffic goes through the connection.

    Here are screenshots of the relevant settings.



  • FYI.

    I figured out my problem. I needed to change the rule from only TCP/UDP to ANY. It was forwarding TDP/UDP traffic but not my ICMP traffic, so it looked like it wasn't working.

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