Create a Semi-DMZ?

  • I have a windows game server that I want to isolate. I don't want a true DMZ because I don't want the windows box fully exposed to the internet.

    My setup:
    LAN1 ( - Where all my computers are.
    LAN2 ( - Where my windows game server is.
    LAN3 (x.x.x.x) - For future expansion.

    I've got the needed port forwarded from WAN to LAN2.

    Is there a way to set up a rule to allow connections initiated from LAN1 to LAN2 and not allow connections initiated from LAN2 to LAN1 (or LAN3)?

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    Not sure where you got the idea that DMZ means "fully" exposed... But anyhoo.

    On your lan 2 rules.. Just put a rule above the any any rule blocks access to lan1 and another rule above that blocks access to lan 3

    Or just create a alias and put in the networks you want to block access to, etc.

    Its real simple rules are evaluated top down, first rule to trigger wins, no other rules are evaluated. So if you don't want lan 2 talking to something. Put a block rule to that something above your any any rules that allows access to internet.

  • In the past I see DMZs do 1to1 a server to an IP on the WAN so, it's fully exposed. Probably the wrong way to do a DMZ but most IT shops are shoddy places.

    As for your reply- AWESOME! It worked beautifully. For some reason I had it in my head that that rule would block response traffic on established connections. Seems to work exactly as I wanted. THANKS!
    alt text

  • That kind of DMZ is just a 1:1 mapping of all ports on the WAN to the DMZ host on the LAN. It may be that on your average crappy router there are no proper controls for access and all ports are in fact open if they are open on the DMZ host. This is now pfSense though, it's not a toy and you have all the access control tools of a professional grade firewall/router.

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    Not sure what IT shops your talking about? You mean some ma pop 3 person company where the guy that says hey I know what dns means is the "IT" guy ;)

    And he uses the router he picked up at the computer store for $79.. That kind of IT shop ;) Then yeah ok the "dmz" mode of the soho routers is what your talking about..

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