OpenVPN client rules

  • Hello! I set up an openvpn client with pfsense. It connects to the server, and gets ip. I don't want to route all traffic through the tunnel, I only need to access the openvpn server's ip. So the server's ip is, the pfsense gets for example, and I need to access the from LAN. I set up an interface to the openvpn client with none ip, and an allow everything firewall rule, but it not works.

  • If u setup pki setup, u already have access to all the resource in the server network, u are a ovpn client, if u just want to access to pfsense in the server GUI, go to the server, open the rules, firewall->openvpn, there u can add a rule to just allow the IP's u want to cross that tunnel, if is just 1 IP, u can, if u manage firewall rules, u won't have any issue adding this rule. The other "route all traffic" if this happen them u enable that option in the ovpn server side, uncheck that.