Poor performance on igb driver

  • If we aren't talking about forwarding, but a client-server speed test, I can confirm igb does Gigabit fairly easy.

    I just setup a spare port to test without forwarding, VLANs, firewall rules or netmap. Test done with iperf3, pfSense as server and I get an average of 936Mbits/sec both ways (-c -R).




    dev.igb.0.eee_disabled 1
    net.inet.tcp.hostcache.enable 0 - use this for tests only

  • @stephenw10 Did quite a bit of research with settings, tweaking them over and over again. Also installed other firewall/router OS distributions to isolate whether the problem was with PFSense itself, or is a hardware limitation on these boxes.

    Long story short - I can safely say the Qotom J1900 cannot pass gigabit down/up in a practical, real world situation. The bottleneck isn't the CPU, but the PCIe lanes.

    Having said that, I've no real practical application of a Gigabit up/down connection today - so putting this on the backburner and living with whatever >500mbps I'm getting, until I decide to upgrade this box.

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