Mac address not being foggten

  • Hey guys
    Im needing a hand with removing a Mac address,
    So my set up is a Vlan in a DMZ with 3 Ip's allocated( Idrac and Nic one connected), it was the Idrac on the server was ending with .15 (public)
    so i played with Virtual IPs when testing a game panel, and restored it back after
    failing to install correctly.
    Wile having no management IP i wanted it accessible behind PFsense on VPN, however, I put in the mac address of the servers idrac in an internal DHCP server via Static Mapping, when changing it back and removeing the mapping there is no connection or it cant be pinged on that address so my guess PF is still allocating it?, I will test to check that the idrac is not fualty as it used to work well..
    Any ideas what went so wrong?


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