Settings for downloading FTP files using PFsense 2.4.3

  • I have files I need to download from a company that only uses FTP for downloading files and PFsense will not let me download them anyone have a fix for this? Reading the help files and the googling I have done I have not yet figured it out

  • Are you using browser or FTP client? FTP has 2 modes, active and passive. Active mode doesn't work well with firewalls, but passive does. Browsers use passive.

  • The company I am dealing with has me giving me 2 different ways to do it thru internet explorer disabling passive mode and using file explorer both work on my computer when I hook up my 20 dollar Walmart router but will not work thru PFsense.
    Is there a FTP client you recommend?

  • I tried filezilla and WinSCP with no luck

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