• How do I block windows update? It's possible?

  • Hi,

    This block windows update didn't help you ?

    If you want to use a firewall like pfSense, and you had a list ** of IPv4 and IPv6 that belong to the update servers, you probably also block the access to the Registration Server. Thus : your Windows will become non-registered in a while, and then things will go down hill fast.

    ** If such a thing exists. It's a real sport on moving sable, like blocking all Google or Facebook IP's ....

  • I'm also searching for how to stop updating windows by default but didn't get the solution.

  • Well, don't want to be funny, but a simple solution exists : lock down outgoing traffic, like limit it to ports 21,22,53,80,110,465, etc
    or remove the cable/wifi.

  • From the setting, I try it but still, it's updating. For Windows 7 its very easy but in Windows 10 didn't know how

  • @kenneth_cox said in Block windows update.:

    Windows 10 didn't know how

    IMHO, still an OS in development and shouldn't be used in a company- maybe at home, if you have enough time to waste.

    On a Windows 7 system, this :


    brings Windows 7 on a PC called "gauche" to a halt, still, mail, surfing, ntp, dns still works ...

    If Microsoft uses these ports to download its updates, well, then its time to make that list with all Microsoft servers that offer the updates. Quiet impossible, I guess.

    Btw : the other way around : having Windows 10 on a PC and NOT updating, that's pretty scary too.

  • You can block Windows Update with squid