• Hello,
    New to pfSense. This may be a repeated question. I've 2 ISPs managed by cyberoam device.I'd like to deploy pfSense for traffic shaping, LDAP integration,Proxy, webfilter etc., I have 2 NIC, 2GB,P4 PC that will be used for pfSense. Cyberoam is connecting 10+ branches over VPN and these setup cannot be disturbed now but in future I want to replace it with pfSense.

    Please advice on how to accomplish this.


  • Netgate Administrator

    If you want to use LDAP authentication for the web proxy (Squid) then it will need to be non-transparent.
    Do you need it to be the same subnet on LAN? Traffic shaping might be a problem there.


  • @callmejacklogan
    Great . Appreciate if you can share steps to do this .