Squid Filter shows blank page regardless of int error page setting

  • I really did look for this issue, but I'm not a fan of the search engine here, so it was not apparent, at least not with the search criteria I used.

    For years Squid and SquidGuard did as they were supposed to do in blocking various sites/categories.
    Now after upgrades/updates it still blocks the sites as expected, but the error pages (info pages showing the rule violated) are not being displayed, only blank pages. Squid is in transparent mode as it has always been.

    2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 (i386)
    Squid - 0.4.36_3
    SquidGuard - 1.16.1
    Snort - (disabled)
    LightSquid - 3.0.6_4

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