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    I am a beginner on the Pfsense firewall and this is the first time I touch a NETGATE product. We have just acquired a XG-7100U which worked very well but recently it no longer responds via ethernet. I connect via putty on the MicroUSB port as recommended in the manual and I notice that the menu remains a few seconds (the bar space does not stop the timer) and this reboot incessantly. I thought to reinstall the pfsense (from a USB key) but impossible to have a menu. Could you bring me your help please?

    I do not speak English very well so please excuse me in advance if I am not clear. :)

  • Hello,

    Your English is great!

    It sounds like 1 of 2 things are happening, let's do the simple one first:

    This sounds like we might need to fix some corrupt files on the disk. Please run the commands below:

    Running a file system consistency check:

    1. Reboot your pfSense firewall and boot into Single User Mode by pressing '2' at the loader menu. It will boot to a question asking for a path to the shell, just press return to reach the # prompt.

    2. At the # prompt run the following command:
      /sbin/fsck -y /

    Run the fsck command at least 3 times; Repeat the command until no errors are reported, even if fsck claims the filesystem has been marked "clean".

    1. Reboot by running: /sbin/reboot

    It should boot normally and with no residual long term issues.

    Please let me know if that resolves your issue.

  • @chrismacmahon said in Need help on a XG-7100U:


    First of all thank you very much for the time you grant me I never thought about the command fsck but I can not press the key 2 :( the system counts down the two seconds and continues to boot ... to start all over again. i changed USB cable, play on the serial port speed in my putty but nothing makes I see the menu but can never enter

  • Can you verify that the settings match what is in our help documents:

  • yes I confirm, this is the document I used

  • If you are not able to interact with the console connection, either the settings are incorrect, or the cable used is not working properly. I know you have exchanged the cable out for a different one, we need to get another USB console cable. The few times we have seen this the USB cable was bad.