After Update to 2.4.4. Firewall logs shows some interVLAN traffic as default blocked

  • Hello,

    After i upgraded to pfsense 2.4.4 i now see that some interVLAN traffic is blocked by a default deny rule.

    If have a few vlans setup with some firewall rules in place to block traffic between the vlans but one vlan is complety "open" to the other ones i.e. it just has the default allow all LAN traffic rule and no firewall rules on the other vlans which contains that "open" vlan.

    Now when i check the firewall logs i see some traffic specifically LDAP over TLS/SSL traffic blocked by a Default Deny Rule?

    Funny thing is that the traffic is still routed i guess? Which is what i want, but before the upgrade to 2.4.4 that traffic never showed up in the logs because it was just passed to that "open" vlan.

    Never had that default deny rule show up when traffic was passed between vlans.

    Any thoughts on that one?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

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