Softwarebrake after package install on my SG-1000

  • Hi,
    First of all, sry for my bad English.

    A few days ago, I want to install acme-package on my pfSense SG-1000. While installing I saw many lines with “remove php6” and then “installing php7”.
    But that did not interest me for the time and I didn’t continue to watch the log.

    After 1h I want to watch again on the WebGUI, but the server did not respond!
    I connected to console, there would be many php errors in front of the normal pfSense interface. So I thought to uninstall php7 and acme and reinstall php6.

    Unfortunately, I noticed that no internet is available anymore and I can’t install anything... Because of the php errors I can´t use all of the menu items, except the shell. However, I miss the knowledge for this.

    That's why I took the pfSense for a day from the power and then accidentally connected the PC with the OTG port.
    Since then appear in the console only every second "C".

    I can’t say, which version is currently on the pfSense.

    Please help me
    Thanks a lot!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The C letters appearing on the console indicate that it can't locate any valid boot media. Reinstalling from USB or SD card recovery should get you running again, assuming it isn't a hardware issue. Contact support at and someone can get you access to the firmware image for the SG-1000.

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