4G WAN configuration

  • Hi,

    Testing before I switch to permanent 4G on WAN.
    Installed 2.4.4 and all went fine having all at default.

    Next I installed the latest realtek driver, all good.
    Installed driver for USB tether, working fine.

    During install re0 was WAN and re1 was LAN.
    Then assigned ue0 interface (USB tether), became OPT1.
    At this point configuration still at default.
    Changed WAN to be LAN1 copying the settings and default rules from LAN, except the default Anti Lockout rule.
    Changed LAN to be LAN2.
    Changed OPT1 name to 4GWAN.

    From the firewall itself pinging IP's and names works.
    From behind the firewall DNS is not working but pinging IP's works.

    Did reboots and restarts of DNS Resolver.
    How to get DNS working?
    Is this the correct way to get ue0 to be WAN?


  • Eventually did a 4) Reset to factory defaults which kept the realtek driver and tether driver in place.
    During the install that followed chose ue0 as WAN and all working now :)

    My phone keeps USB tethering active during reboot, even after a halt and boot.
    As long as power is provided to the pfSense box this board keeps providing power to the phone keeping USB tethering active.
    I guess not all boards keep providing power to the USB port(s).

    I ask myself, if attach a powered USB hub, could that be a solution for some?
    Another solution could be to root the phone and install something like tasker to activate USB tethering as soon the USB port comes up.....

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