Printer not responding to ping

  • I have a printer that is working only within its subnet.
    pfSense is the firewall and I would like to print from a different subnet.
    Here are the symptoms I get by using the ping tool from pfsense diagnostics menu. (details are just examples)

    In LAN1 I have the printer (ip and one pc ( I can print from this pc.
    From pfsense LAN1 interface (the gateway, I can ping both of them.

    But if I send a ping from a LAN2 interface (i.e. I can ping only the pc while the printer doesn't respond to ping. I have a firewall rule in LAN2 tab to route all packets from LAN2 to LAN1.
    I try also to put a specific rule in LAN1 tab to allow specific host (the printer) to route packet everywhere without success.

    I'm quite new to pfsense, I apologize for my english, and I inherited the configuration.

    Thank you for the attention.

  • Hi,

    What are your firewall rules on LA?1 and LAN2 ?

    Something like this on LAN2:
    will make everything reachable (everywhere) for sure.

    If your printer doesn't want to reply, well, that's up to him ... ;)

    Btw : why hiding local IP's by using examples ??

  • Banned

    Your printer could have an integrated firewall, in that case check if there is a way to enter allowed networks. It also may not be designed to work across networks and probably doesn't have a setting for a default gateway, in that case you might have to use NAT for the connections to the printer.

  • @gertjan
    yes rules are similar (except for the ipv6)
    and the "hiding ip" was for laziness ;-)

    thank you

  • @grimson
    it is a network printer wired to net with a small and old switch (5 port guess), and its gateway is pointing to the right pfsense interface.
    thank you

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