SG-1000 Transparent Firewall in front of router question.

  • Hi All, I am brand new to this product and have a couple quick questions. I am hoping to have the SG-1000 be a transparent firewall that sits in between the modem and router of my home network. Here are the questions I have with a setup like that:

    1. Will it be able to let the router keep all the DHCP, NAT, etc and have the SG-1000 to only be a firewall?
    2. how would I connect to the web-ui on the SG-1000?

    Below is a diagram of what I am hoping to set up.


    Sorry for the newbie questions in advance!

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    Sure this would work.
    But why do you want to keep your current router behind the SG-1000? DHCP, NAT is no problem for pfSense. ;-)


  • Also keep in mind, why don't put the things like DHCP, nat and rules on 1 machine, the SG-1000, and let the router just be a " switch" . I think you have more options and possibilities with the Pfsense, and later on maybe Vlans etc.
    Keeping everything on one place is easier to manage.

    To connect to your SG1000 you have to put the wan-side of your router in the same segment as your LAN network.

    This is how I have it :

    <Internet > < Modem><Pfsense>< 24pSwitch> LAN

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