Plex and HD Homerun

  • Good afternoon.

    I have plex running on my main network (let's say I have an HD Homerun on a VLAN network with other IOT things (let's say What type of rule do i need to allow plex to see my HD Homerun so I can use plex to watch live tv and record shows?
    As I'm new to firewall rules, any details would be appreciated.


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    You need a pass rule on the main network interface (probably LAN) to allow the plex to connect to the home run device.
    So source: Destination: Protocol: Any. You probably could use tcp/udp as the protocol there but allowing any in that rule won't hurt.
    You could narrow that down if you know the required ports etc but again I would leave the destination port set to any until you know it works.


  • @stephenw10

    Thanks. I entered that rule. Here's what's odd.

    1. I can ping the HD Homerun.
    2. I can enter it's IP address in a web browser and get to it's interface.
    3. Plex doesn't see it when trying to add automatically or manually.

    Not sure if there's something in Plex that needs to be changed or if the rule is just slightly off.

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    @wyzard said in Plex and HD Homerun:

    Plex doesn't see it when trying to add automatically or manually.

    Well whats the discovery protocol - prob uses some multicast/broadcast BS... They try and make things simple for your typical user that has 1 flat network.. While breaking shit for more complex networks..

    I just told my plex to look for a dvr, and its sending out broadcasts on port 65001 UDP..


    And then if I put in a manual IP... It does the same thing, and not seeing the directed traffic to 65001 still only broadcast to the .255 address..

    Not sure why it would not just send directed traffic to the IP you put in on UDP 65001? All I was seeing was broadcast trafffic.

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    Ah, well that's fun. 🙄

    At least they allow you to enter an IP which is more then many. Not much help if it ignores it though!


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