Per user bandwith limiter no coDel

  • We use version 2.4.4 of Psense with captive portal for our guests within guest network (vlan). CP is limited of 22Mbits (down/up) per user. Multi WAN has 500/500 (wan1, tier1) and 200/50 (wan2, tier2). WAN2 is used as backup. CoDel limiters are set 480/480 for wan1, 190/45 for wan2. We use RADIUS attributes for user bandwith settings.

    We have guests complaining that response time for web pages (until it begins to load) is unacceptable long sometimes escpecially on evening or morning if traffic is high.

    I checked wan1 load --> 10 % used. Then I have seen that bufferbloat with CP but controlled bei coDel is very good (+0 - +7ms). With CP limiters it's increased to +50ms average sometimes higher.


    • What is the data flow for user limits from CP? (eg. CP limiter -> float rule to Q -> interface input rules -> NAT -> wan) How could I see this?
    • Why do per user limiters of CP don't have coDel active? A limited bandwith should have traffic shaping each. Or do I understand something wrong?

    I could switch off user bandwith. But I prefer to have the option to provide different bandwith options.

    Thanks for your answers.

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