Sending traffic from specific ports through WAN?

  • Hi, I'm sure there is a very simple solution to my problem.
    I'm running a multi-wan setup in a gaming cafe and trying to route Call of Duty 4 traffic through only one of my connections.

    Currently I've got this achieved by having a firewall rule for routing a specific destination TCP/UDP port range to go out through the WAN connection. The problem is, this range is too vast (27000-33000) and there are some internet servers that use random ports like 1024, 3027 etc, so I can't connect to those. From my end, all the traffic is leaving through local port 28960. Is there any way of setting a rule that catches traffic from my source port? In Firewall rules, I can't seem to set the source ports to anything, as in I click on the advanced tab in the Source section but I can't type anything in the port range.

    I was hoping to have a rule that goes like this:

    Proto    Source    Port    Destination    Port  Gateway           Schedule    Description

    TCP/UDP LAN net     28960 *             *        WAN's GATEWAY             COD -> WAN

  • Set the dropdown to "other" or you wont be able to type in the field ;)

  • Works like a charm! Ty  :D

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