Three pfsense as a triangle, one subnet

  • Hi,

    My provider on DC just give me a /28 subnet.
    I need to separate different tenants, so want to use 1 primary pfsense box connecting provider cable, and down there 2 more pfsenses connected to another 2 ifaces of first pfsense.
    Not doing NAT, just routing, Using some of the /28 IPs as Virtual IPs on both second line pfsenses.
    I imagine first pfsense having WAN IP as:, GW And private IPs for downlinks to other pfsenses, like and
    Second line pfsenses having uplinks as and And having VIPs as and the other second pfsense having VIP as example.

    And adding routers /32 on first pfsense to point to the right second line pfsense.

    Could this be possible?
    Thanks in advance for the analysis!

  • I have a 1/3 rack on a DC, and we need to separate network and BW between 2 tenants (two companies sharing same 1/3 rack). So basically idea is first pfsense doing traffic shaping/QoS.

  • Still an issue?

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