Allow a couple of countries using pfBlockerNG

  • Sorry for this stupid question, but I cannot wrap my head around how to this and before I shoot myself in the foot by blocking me out I'd like to double-check.

    On a remote FW I have many inbound rules. They are protected by blocking Top 20 spammer countries using pfBlockerNG. With an upcoming trip to Japan I have to disable Japan in the Top 20 list causing me to rethink this approach completely.
    Instead of using Top 20 I'd like to only whitelist the 4 countries that I actually travel to, Sweden, US, France and Japan. However, as they are located in different continents this will generate multiple aliases, one for each continent.
    I cannot see a way to put multiple aliases into a single inverted block rule or multiple aliases into a single alias, so I'm a bit stuck here.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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