ANOTHER multiple ps4 issue

  • I have a very unique issue, hopefully someone can chime in. As we all know you need a static port set for consoles to get an open nat type. However, when I do this for 2 or more ps4's they will not play black ops 4 at the same time. I have to disable one static port (giving me a strict nat) for the other console to connect to call of duty servers simultaneously.

    When I use a cheap home router, they work just fine together. I have been at this for days and any light would be much appreciated. Maybe even a pfsense alternative that does better with gaming as a last resort? I noticed black ops 4 will only go for port 3074 so maybe this has something to do with it? Older cod games would go after 3075 if the first port was full. But as I said, it works fine on the consumer router. One just ends up with a moderate nat which I am okay with.