Bug on forwarding nonstandard ports?

  • Hi all, I looked around this forum and other sites but I couldn't find any answer that fixes my issue, I think it's a bug.

    I have three interfaces:

    • WAN
    • LAN -
    • DMZ -

    And I want to access to a specific DMZ host from internet. So, I simply added a NAT rule. When I set Dst port: "from other 8080 to other 8080" , the forwarding doesn't work (I mean, I can't access via internet to the device), but if I set Dst port: to a predefined port (http, https, ftp,...) it works pretty well.

    For example, I set:

    Dst port: From 8080 to 8080 -- doesnt works
    Dst port HTTP; redirect target port: 8080 -- it works

    My version is 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1, do you know if is it a bug? Do you know how can I set a non standard port?

    Thanks in advance

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    https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/nat/port-forward-troubleshooting.html likely PEBCAK as always, post screenshots if you want verification.

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    Yeah 99.99999% sure its PEBKAC..

    You sure 8080 Actually even gets to pfsense? To me this is step 1 in troubleshooting anything to do with port forwarding.. Cuz if pfsense never sees it then its impossible for it to forward it.. And takes all of 10 seconds to validate.

    Go through the link provide and provide details of where you have questions on how to validate something.. Simple packet capture is your friend here..

  • Fuck! sorry guys, I confirmed and it was a conflict with ISP router... I was all day only with that easy matter and was not sure if it was a bug or another problem. Even the diagnostics showed me strange results.

    Thanks for replies!

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