pfblocker defend rdp/rds brute force attacks

  • Hello everybody,

    somehow I will not be smart from the whole guide ...

    What is the easiest way to block an attack from ip4 addresses? (Terminal with rds)

    Ibound / or outbound rules?

    For example, if I enable geoip blocking on a country-by-country basis, outlook (exchange online) will stop working.

    I think because the ms servers are partly in the usa ...

    Someone a simple idea?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • You can either whitelist only those addresses that are allowed in, or you can put it all behind a VPN. I always try to avoid hanging services out on the Internet.

  • Hi,

    we already had that.

    Vpn is not comfortable for the user.
    The connection takes place via pc / mobile / etc. devices.

    These get usually every 4-24 hours a new ip and there are many external users ...

    It's about the connection from the internet.
    I assumed that you can use this addon exactly for such a scenario. Only I will not be smart, how?

    We have rds blocker on the servers themselves, behind pfsense.

  • Snort or Suricata will try to catch exploits as they enter your network. I don't use them so don't ask me how to configure. Other than that there isn't much you can do from a pfSense perspective.

  • Security through obscurity.. (if you believe that..)

    Use a different port number. That will keep some of it down.

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