Resolver logs not showing after reboot

  • I just installed 2.4.4_p1, restored my 2.3.5_p2 config, everything went fine.

    Going to Status / System Logs / System / DNS Resolver I noticed that there is no log generated after the reboot. I restarted the services and as it did under 2.3.x , logging started and continue until next reboot.

    Same behaviour with Status / System Logs / System / Gateways where the

    Dec 5 19:32:13 	dpinger 		send_interval 500ms loss_interval ...

    only show after restarting the service.

    And "maybe" with NTP, but not so sure about this one. Will check at next reboot.

  • Reinstalled 2.4.4_1 and after a 2-3 reboot, I had to restart Unbound and Dpinger to get some log in the Status / System Logs / System tab
    NTP was logging fine.

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