Config BUG: Using Ramdiskconfig... make proxy config unskipable.

  • PFSENSE v2.4.4p1 BSD

    When i config RAMDISK USAGE for TMP and logs, i cannot record changes because of an error that say i must fill proxy output information at first..
    Système/Avancé/Divers ( syst/advanced/misc)
    In witch soft a ramdisk need an outputproxy to run ?
    same thing for loadbalancing option... etc...

    it may an interface bug.

  • partial resolving:
    reapply another time changes ( saving) to records modifications... it should work at the second time.

    It was a WebGui config interpreter bug. ( maybe because by defaut the first field active is the proxy support one, and may the active field is tested as changed by this way and need to be valid to be registered. And so all modifications on misc options recall us "the password of support proxy info do not match..."