let out anything from firewall host itself

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    I have an interesting issue. Everything going out my pfSense box is going out with the rule "let out anything from firewall host itself" and not hitting my other rules. I suspect this has something to do with NAT. All of my users NAT to a virtual IP. That VIP is shared between the WAN IP of a primary and backup box. Incoming rules seem to work normally. Has anyone seen this behavior?


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    Are you running proxy?

  • No proxy. I did recently upgrade to 2.4.4_1 from 2.4.3_1.

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    post up your outbound nats.. .It doesn't work that way unless maybe you natted yoru traffic to loopback??

    Or some oddball port forwarding for a source nat? Post up your port forwards as well.

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    Our network is behind a larger private network. Interestingly enough I failed over to our backup box and it is working as expected. I may have some hardware or config issue on the primary, but they look the same. Perhaps another reboot will help the situation.

    A little background... I was having an issue with the backup box not connecting to the web. Updates, packages etc... I thought I had it fixed by natting "This Firewall (self)" to interface address. I have removed that while troubleshooting.

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