Disable LAN interface?

  • I used to just use a WAN/LAN setup on my 3100. I now have several VLANs. The original LAN interface (mvneta0) is no longer being used. But all the VLANs are on this mvneta0 port. I realized if I disable the LAN interface (interfaces > LAN > uncheck enable interface) then nothing works. I had to restore from a backup (autoconfig backup is nice btw!) If I no longer need this LAN interface, but need mvneta0 up, what can I do?

  • I don't think you can have VLANs on a disabled interface. By disabling it, you block everything, including VLANs.

  • You can always remove ip on interface making it non existent on L3. Obviously, if you disable interface (just like removing cable), no vlans too.

  • @bhjitsense

    A late reply, and I hope you got your issues resolved long ago.
    …just wanted to share my recent discovery in case you didn’t already discover it yourself.

    I got my 3100 a few days before your first post, and then spent three miserable months trying to bludgeon the 3100 into the shape I wanted.

    8 days ago I re-configured the 3100 mvneta1 4-port switch (default-installs as “LAN”) to 802.1Q mode.
    Et voila: 4 independent ports perfectly happy to talk 802.1Q and easy to configure as (Cisco-speak) Trunk or Access ports to carry your choice of VLAN(s) tagged/untagged. (I’m using two Trunk ports, two Access ports).

    I made more progress with my config in 3 hours using 802.1Q-mode than I had made in 3 months with Switch-mode.

    …in 802.1Q mode, make sure you have SSH & GUI access from somewhere not-LAN, then Interfaces/LAN: un-tick Enable and it is GONE!

    The “sparsely” documented 802.1Q mode for 3100 mvneta1 is much better than truly wonderful!


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Looks pretty documented to me

    Configuring Netgate Appliance Integrated Switches on pfSense 2.4.4

  • @johnpoz
    I said "sparsely ", not "un-"

    I found your first url, I did (+/-) as it said, it worked perfectly: so yes "documented" ...but you have to look hard to find that page.

    Your second url: old folk like me don't take our "documentation" from youtube: printable words are good, they allow calm reflection and filing in our internal documentation.

    802.1Q mode for 3100 mvneta1 is excellent! Wish I had found the "documentation" months ago.


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