Disable LAN interface?

  • I used to just use a WAN/LAN setup on my 3100. I now have several VLANs. The original LAN interface (mvneta0) is no longer being used. But all the VLANs are on this mvneta0 port. I realized if I disable the LAN interface (interfaces > LAN > uncheck enable interface) then nothing works. I had to restore from a backup (autoconfig backup is nice btw!) If I no longer need this LAN interface, but need mvneta0 up, what can I do?

  • I don't think you can have VLANs on a disabled interface. By disabling it, you block everything, including VLANs.

  • You can always remove ip on interface making it non existent on L3. Obviously, if you disable interface (just like removing cable), no vlans too.