How i Blocked the Sites in PFSENSE ?

  • Hello ,

    i am new user of this forum and PFsense , i just install the PFSense and it is working now , sharing the internet on other clients , but i want to block some sites , like Facebook , Youtube, etc …

    But i dont know the procedure as i told you that i am fresh and i installed it first time :)

    If any friend guide me step by step or if you know any Tutorial by Snap regarding this then please let me know .


  • Hi good morning.
    Firewall > Aliases

    Davao City

  • @jigpe:

    Hi good morning.
    Firewall > Aliases

    Davao City

    Hello, :)

    Good MOrning :)

    Thx for your help , i need little more Info , actually i am new so i dont know how to SET it ,

    I wana tell you one thing more that i do not want to Block these sites all hots , i just wana block it some computers .

    Hope you understand :)


  • What you want is to use the squid and squidguard package to do content filtering.  Read the packages forums.

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