IPSEC pfSense to Sonicwall using RSA certificates

  • Hi team,

    I have a requirment from one of our clients to setup a vpn between our pfsense firewall and their sonicwall firewall using certificates instead of preshared key. From my understading I need to create a CA on the pfSense firewall and then 2 certificates one for my firewall pfSense and one for the client's firewall Sonicwall. Therfore the sonicawall will need to use the CA fro mthe pfSense along with the certificate which was created from pfsense for sonicwall with the key.

    The issue here is that the Sonicwall accepts only pfx files to upload but I found a way how to combine the CA with the cert and the key usel openssl on a linux machine but I am not sure if it is going to work.

    Have you ever guys established a VPN between pfSense and Sonicwall using certs??

    Many thanks in advance
    Nick M

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Have not used sonicwall in many many years. But since I create pfx with openssl all the time and use these on other devices that are road warrior connections. IOS devices for example - it shouldn't be a problem. An openvpn client is an openvpn client in the big picture.

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