Pfsense works with DSL ISP but not WISP - Please help

  • Hello,

    I am not a tech expert (more of an interested amateur) and installed version 2.4 on a fairly recent PC with a i3 CPU, 16gbs memory and a 256gb m2. It was a decommissioned Windows PC due to my switch to an iMac. I have two ISP providers, the primary is a local WISP who historically has provided a great service. And I have a more recent DSL connection. My PC has one NIC and, thanks to a helpful YouTube video, I learned how to use a smart switch and via a VLAN etc make one port for incoming WAN service and the other to trunk over to the PC NIC thereby eliminating the one NIC issue on the PC. The other ports are used as a switch. Both of my ISP providers use DHCP and that is how PFsense is configured. Oddly, the DSL service works great but with the WISP, it appears there is incoming/outgoing WAN traffic (from the widget) but no devices actually connect to the internet. I did a complete reinstall to no avail. I use the two ISPs separately, they are not connected simultaneously. I have watched several YouTube videos and found no answers. My installation at this point is basic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So when you connected the WISP to the switch "WAN" port did pfSense get an IP address from the WISP?

    Where you able to ping out from pfSense itself either from the command line or Diag > Ping in the GUI?

    Could you ping both IPs and URLs, and for example?


  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, the IP of the WISP is visible in Pfsense but I can not ping out to Google. Oddly, the network traffic graph widget shows in/put traffic on the WAN.The DSL DHCP connection continues to function when connected to the Pfsense box. I am far from knowledgeable but would this indicate that the trunking from the smart switch is working properly for the LAN input? The PC is in a mini-box but if I remove the cover I see an unoccupied PCI-E slot. I am thinking about ordering a PCI-E extension kit and a dual Intel NIC card so all the ports would be directly on the Pfsense machine. Does this make sense? Thanks.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You could but if the same switch port works with no change other than plugging the DSL modem in instead of the WISP connection then it probably won't help.

    When you connect the WISP can you ping the gateway IP from pfSense?

    Were you unable to ping anything even by IP, like