Feature Request: DHCP recycle buttons on Dashboard

  • my ISP (comcast) sometimes goes offline and the DHCP reservation on my WAN times out, but since the modem stays up, the ethernet doesn't cycle, and when the ISP comes back online, pfsense is stuck with no WAN address.

    it would be nice to have a small 'recycle' button on each DHCP interface on the dashboard 'Interfaces' box. this button could either 'down', sleep 1, 'up' the interface, or just push a DHCP renewal....

    yes, I know you can do this from status -> interfaces, but I had to get it working at 7am for my telecommuting wife the other AM, after I'd been up to 3am working on something, and trying to navigate the status screen on my phone with blurry eyes in bed, ugh!

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