Credential Handshake not working on pfsense but working on normal router setup

  • Hi Im having an issue where this website which we use to login cant accept our employee credentials even tho we know its the right password. No issue on the server side tho. Our IP and etc is already configured for us.

    Other website login working tho.

    I have a theory that its on the firewall thing. Any suggestion?

    Im newbie on pfsense btw

  • Netgate Administrator

    Why do you think that? Do you see anything blocked in the firewall logs?

    pfSense would not modify web traffic at all unless Squid is installed. Even then if it's https it would only block or allow the site.


  • I resolve the problem. The IP we use in WAN was not allowed on the server side we're trying to login, So we can only reach login screen but can't login. Lmao

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