Teredo stopped working out of nowhere

  • I've been using pfsense for a few years now and no big issues with Xbox since doing all the usual uPnP/Static IPs/Outbound NAT/Static Ports stuff that is well documented. Yesterday out of nowhere Teredo stopped working and therefore a few services won't work. I thought it was related to an outage with XBL, but after seeing their notification that its resolved Teredo still isn't working and therefore things like Party Chats aren't working,

    Any ideas on what would cause Teredo to stop working? im the 2nd of two ppl posted on Reddit already experiencing the issue.

    His environment - The only difference in my network recently is taking down an AD DNS/DHCP server and switching to pfSense as primary. Things worked fine for a couple weeks in this setup and then stopped yesterday.

    My environment - been working for years with the configurations with no issues till the other day when i couldnt get chat working i started testing NAT and it couldnt get the teredo tunnel to work, i have destroyed and reconfigured all the settings with no success.

    Since this happened same timeframe i was wondering if theres some sort of certificate or possible code bug that could affect how teredo works?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume you have no native IPv6? If you left is configured you ISP may have enabled something that is still broken for example and it's trying to use that in preference.

    It seems more likely that the remote end point was disabled. I know if nothing that could have changed like that in pfSense base. If you have anything that auto-updates like Snort or pfBlocker that might have started blocking traffic.


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