FRR bug?

  • I recently switched from Quagga to FRR on pfsense in a troubleshooting effort with my ISP. So far it appears to work the same and I like the fact that I can tinker with BGP if necessary.

    The issue I have is that if there is a static route for one of the advertised routes from one of the other routers and you delete the static route the pfsense route table does not update with the advertised route and that subnet stops routing (goes from UGS flag to simply nothing). Looking at the output from sh ip ospf route on the router in question shows the route listed in the external routing table.

    Restarting the FRR service caused the route to add properly and things are working as they should again with the pfsense route table showing the UG1 flag for those routes.

    I tested this on one of the routers that still is using Quagga and removing the static route immediately changed the pfsense route table (from UGS to UG1 flag).

    Is this a bug or something unique to FRR?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Might be unique to FRR. FRR forked from quagga but it does have several ways that it differs. The config sytnax is still very similar so you can compare the ospf and zebra config files to see if there is some different option setup between them.

    It's possible that the quagga made an assumption that is now an optional behavior in the FRR package, which could explain the difference.

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