IPSec VPN tunnel with 1 ISP that has a Dynamic IP.

  • Hello, I have a quite unique situation that iam hoping pfSense have some magical solution :)

    Anyways! I have a piece of hardware that runs Windows Imbedded that does not allow any type of install.
    I need this piece of hardware to connect from a users home (who has a dynamic IP from their ISP) and pass the traffic to the head office, connecting through a branch vpn tunnel.
    Another pickle is that it has to sit behind the ISP's modem / router (cannot be bridged).

    Aside from obtaining the hardware to install the pfSense firmware, can pfSense act as a "client" to connect to an IpSec tunnel? so basically it initiates the connection instead of the mutual static ip - to - static IP trust.

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    Yes, that works fine. Depending on what is handling IPsec at the main site, it will likely need a dynamic DNS hostname on the site with the dynamic IP address, but there are plenty of supported providers out there for that.

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  • @jimp

    yes, i was looking into using dyndns. The receiving end would be a WatchGuard Firewall
    I guess the biggest concern is if pfSense can route around the ISP's router - example:

    Windows imbedded device -> pfSense firewall -> ISP Router - Dynamic (dishing out LAN IP's) -> internet -> ISP w/ Static IP -> Watchguard firewall

    A lot of firewalls have issues doing that and the tunnel just does not get established, it requires the modem to be bridged (at the very least).

    Does this still make sense?

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    That shouldn't matter, as long as the ISP router doesn't block or otherwise mess with IPsec.

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