On Speed Test Ookla Show my Client IP

  • Dear All,

    I am running an Cable Net, Also i got my Own IP Live Pool from My upstream service provider. And i am running 4 more service provider with Load Balancing in PFsense 2.4.4. I give Live IP's to my Clients on their routers. I want when my clients want to test speed on ookla they should see their IP instead of My other service Providers WAN IP's which are in my PFsense.

    Need quick response.


  • Do you do NAT ? If yes you can answer by yourself :) But if you do not do NAT and give public IP to your clients they will be seen only if they go trough ISP who gave them to you... If you have AS and BGP to your 4-5 ISP's and you announce these IP's then the can be routed trough all of your ISP...

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