• Weird issue

    About every three days. Pfsense stops responding. Server is up. LAN is working just fine, but no internet. I have an IP on my WAN interface. I have all my traffic routed through a VPN. VPN is up but no internet. This has happened at least three times so far.

    To get internet working. I need to release and renew my WAN interface. I restart the unbound prior to the releasing my IP.

    This is a new build from scratch.

    My setup
    pfsense 2.4.4 p2
    16GB RAM
    128 SSD

    Packages installed

    Any ideas what is causing this issue?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you can't send any traffic out the WAN, the VPN should go down.

  • I know, I just looked at the interface and the VPN still had an IP. I would have expected the VPN to go down but it didn't reflect that. My ISP was up but The firewall stopped forwarding traffic.



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Or your VPN stopped processing traffic. Again, if the firewall cannot pass traffic the VPN will go down.


  • I'm pretty sure the VPN wasn't the problem. I built this box from scratch. My old firewall worked no issues. This problem only started occurring when I went to this version.

    I also posted my issue on a Pfsense Facebook forum and I had a couple people confirm they also had the same issue when they went to version 2.4.4 p2. Their fix was to revert back a level. That isn't the best option for me at this time.

    I'm not an expert but I'm far from a novice.