HAPROXY stats: lan binding instead of localhost

  • Hello everyone !

    I would like to read HAPROXY stats in our monitoring tool : PRTG.
    I found out that there is no straight way to read the stats, so someone wrote a PowerShell plugin (http://lazic.info/josip/post/monitor-haproxy-via-prtg/) to parse the stats dashboard. that's not fully clean but it will do the work.

    So, to make this happen, i would need to bind the stats of haproxy page to the LAN interface instead of localhost, as my probe executing the PowerShell script will be located on lan.
    But the haproxy package gui do not allow binding somewhere else than on localhost.

    I tried to edit manually the conf, but it is overwritten everytime. I also tried some black magic NAT to point to localhost through lan… but hey… what did i expected… ;)

    Well, if someone have an idea, thanks in advance !


  • @aniodon
    Create a frontend on the interface you like and configure a backend on it with stats enabled there. It allows you to run your own stats frontend on a url you like and with authentication and client-certificate requirements if desired. No need to try and tweak the 'internal' stats page.

  • Hello PiBa !

    Thanks for your time,
    can't believe it was that simple, but it works great !!!!
    thank you again !!

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