pfsense 2.4.4-2 lockup after boot (SG-2440)

  • I'm running an SG-2440 that suddenly is unresponsive. The GUI appears, but will not respond. Says it's "obtaining update status." Nothing is updating. It also says that the last config change was shortly after noon (MDT). I did not make that change, so it must have been something automatic. System is running aws-wizard 0.8, snort , and ipsec-profile-wizard 0.12. I'm guessing that it's also not executing any rules, i.e., the network is not protected. I've tried rebooting it, multiple times, but it appears that some piece of software has an error, presumably introduced by whatever update was done at noon. All suggestions for how to get out of the mess gratefully accepted.

  • Fixed it, but I don't know what I did. Maybe it was the Hendrick's martini... Unplugged it, let it sit, plugged it in, walked away, had a second martini, opened the GUI, voila!