• All,

    I searched and found nothing. So here is my question:

    Has anyone tried making Adaptive Load Balance Weighting?

    I have two ISP's. One is VDSL, and the other is Cable.

    • The VDSL is lower bandwidth, but fairly consistent over time.

    • The Cable is almost 3x the bandwidth during off peak times, but during heavy peak times (i.e. Friday evenings from 5 - 10 pm it can slow down to 1/10th of the VDSL speed :-o.

    I suppose I could set up a CRON task to adjust the WAN weights by a schedule, but it would be nice to have a way to set a monitoring interval (say 15 or 30 mins) that runs a test to determine weights during the next interval, so that it is adaptive.

    Has anyone tried something like this?

    NOTE: I am not wanting to determine firewall throughput to/from the web, but only the relative bandwidths of the two connected ISPs.