pfSense with Ubuntu 18.10 and XEN 4.9.2

  • I want to share some hints i have found out with Installation PfSense on Ubuntu 18.10 and XEN 4.9.
    Following Configuration is running best with german VDSL 250MBit.
    Physical NIC is a Intel e1000e 4-Port Gbit Card where i use two of them as xenbr0 and xenbr1
    i have to use the virtio Drivers, that is only possible with tho following configuration

    in the xl.cfg file for virtual machine (hvm):
    'model=virtio-net' in the VIF definition

    on the pfsense (after first boot)
    parameter in /boot/defaults/loader.conf

    check Disable hardware checksum offload under System > Advanced on the Networking tab

    that is for me the "one and only" Configuration

    right now i am getting full speed (>30MByte per Second) with my virtualized pfsense.
    i have to insert the parameter in the loader.conf after every update, because it is gone.
    Before i used em PV Nics (em0 and em1). But i realized high CPU and only 13 MByte/s with my new VDSL Connect.

    i had a lot of pain to find out all that stuff, so i want to share my expirience

  • forget that i don't want to use the xen drivers (xn0 and xn1) because there is no VLAN tagging possible.

  • removed the parameter from /boot/defaults/loader.conf and put it in


    upgrade from 2.4.3 to 2.4.2_2 worked fine, parameter (and NICS) are still there

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