Lan Interface, can I disable it?

  • Hi there,

    I have a machine with 4 physical rj45 ethernet ports and 2 sfp+ ports running pfsense.

    At the moment I have 3 wans connected to three of the physical rj45 ports and the forth port is the "Lan" (as named by pfsense) port.

    I'm not using the lan port at all, I'm running 50+ Vlans as "OPT" Interfaces out the SFP+ Ports into a 10g backbone via a lagg group.

    Now I want to use the last physical rj45 Port for a fourth wan port.

    Can I remove the lan interface or will that break everything? Can I somehow not have a "lan"-Interface? Or is it mandatory for pfsense?

    If I just delete the interface, will my vlans go down as well?

    Or can I just safely delete it and just run on opt interfaces?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You can assign the lan to any interface you want in the assignment section. So could be a vlan even on a different physical nic. Lan is just what pfsense would place the antilock out rule if enabled ;)

    You can even delete it if you want.. They wouldn't allow you to delete... Just take care you don't lock yourself out based upon your rules on your other interfaces.

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